What is WebGL? How does it affect GSN Casino?

WebGL is a program made by Unity for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. Previously, online games were able to be played through Adobe Flash, but this program was recently retired by Adobe for security reasons. 

Millions of online games relied on Adobe Flash to run, so WebGL was developed as a replacement. 


In response to this, you may have noticed that GSN Casino on Facebook and have some different looks to them. In order to prevent our games from being unable to work online, we updated them to run on WebGL. Since WebGL is made by Unity, which is also the same development platform we use for our mobile casino, our game now appears the same across all platforms. 


While WebGL is much safer than Flash, you will also experience longer loading times. This is because Adobe Flash was a plug-in, meaning that you already had Flash installed on your computer. Since Flash was already on your computer, all it had to do was communicate this to the web-browser, and your game was ready to play. WebGL works without plug-ins, or having to install anything on your computer. Because of this, WebGL must load its entire program each time in order to play. 


We know this has been an inconvenience to our GSN Casino players, but we are hopeful that as with any new technology, it will progress as time goes on. We hope that as WebGL is adopted, programmers are able to figure out new ways to help cut down on loading times. 

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