How do I allow Adobe Flash to play GSN Casino without using the GSN Casino Chrome extension?

If you do not want to install our Chrome Extension to enable Adobe Flash player each time you play our games, you can follow the below instructions to enable Flash when you wish to play our games.

This needs to be done whenever the browser is closed and relaunched.

  • Open Chrome, navigate to GSN Casino in your browser
  • Launch any of our games that require Adobe Flash (eg. Video Bingo, American Buffalo Slots etc.). You’ll see this screen 


  • Click anywhere on the grey area “Click to enable Adobe Flash Player”.
  • A dialog box should appear as shown in the below image:          Mac_Prompt.png  Windows_Prompt.png
  • Click Allow to continue playing GSN Casino. (HINT: You'll have to click "Allow" every time on the dialog box to enter GSN Casino)
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